Well Hello Suga!

Louisville, KY native and Charlotte, NC based makeup artist Trina Bonner, also more widely known as @Lipstick Doll is indeed the Doll behind the brush enhancing the beauty behind each canvas she touches. Specializing in Bridal, Editorial, and your everyday makeup desires. Trina Bonner journey as a professional makeup artist began in winter of 2013. As her passion and drive was sparked while friends and family noted her incredible talent to achieving a natural day to day face. With her bubbly personality, cheerfulness, and keen eye for detail, every client leaves feeling more confident.

Trina’s attributes has lead clients to obtaining the prefect skin-like flawless face. Renowned for her ability to create such a flawless face, while embracing the natural beauty of her clients, Trina specializes in helping women draw out the best version of their natural complexion and features. Trina takes pride in not only achieving what is conventionally desired, but also in her ability to hear the needs and desires of her well diversity clientele. Enabling her to meet her clients’ expectations and needs with every brush stroke.

While keeping her professionalism and persistent to becoming her very best she continues to aim for excellence in her business and within the industry of beauty. Taking many Pro Artist classes with well-known Professionals and “Makeup Artist to the Stars” such as Renny Vasquez, Beat Face Honey, Alex Bulter, & Buntricia Bastian just to name a few. To inspire others with their dreams as Trina’s has learned from the best, she has also previously had the privilege of being guest instructor and featured makeup artist at numerous events, radio shows, fashion shows and schools. Aiming to encourage others to believe, inspire, and transpire the world. Trina’s work has been featured in many magazine publications such as Catalyst Wedding Co. and Black Southern Belle, to name a few.